Wedding Beauty Countdown

It isn’t called your Big Day for nothing. A vast amount of time has been spent planning one of the most important days of your life, not to mention the money you’ve spent. Countless dilemmas can set you back, but your skincare shouldn’t. Here’s how to ensure that your beauty regimen leaves you looking flawless on your wedding day.

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Water, water, water!

Detox your skin by drinking a minimum of eight glasses of H2O every day. This is great for improving skin texture, enhancing complexion and will ensure that you maintain a hydrated, full face.

Beautiful skin, better you

Clear up any skin problems such as acne by following a strict beauty regime after a much-needed dermatologist appointment. If you are unsure of what product to use, visit a beauty consultant at your nearest pharmacy or department store. Exfoliate, cleanse, tone, and moisturise. Remember that BioSeal is a natural solution for all skin types.

Makeup is key

Find a makeup artist. Not many would agree that this is necessary, but with all the worries on your wedding day, makeup should not be one of them. Doing it yourself can create an unsurpassable amount of pressure. Research as much as possible and ask around, and don’t forget to do a makeup trial before the big day!

Flawless bodies

Remember that you, and not the chocolate fountain or the ice sculpture, will be the main attraction at your wedding. Find a body skincare routine that will ensure a glow that resembles a goddess. Also find an effective scar treatment, like BioSeal, to get rid of any unwanted scars and marks. Also remember to exfoliate and moisturise your body religiously.

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Beauty makes the world go round

There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want and trying to get it, no matter who calls you a “Bridezilla”. Book all your hair, nail and other beauty appointments to avoid confusion or being let down at the last minute.

You can never have too many facials!

Book an array of facials to maintain your flawless skin. This will leave you less likely to have a breakout or experience skincare problems nearer to the day.

If you’re looking for a trusted, natural way to get your skin to glow for your wedding day, turn to BioSeal.

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