If Your Acne Treatment Turns Against You…

The remedy for allergic reactions to facial acne treatment.

The age-old question of how to treat acne is usually answered through face creams.  Okay, maybe the question isn’t exactly age-old, but people have been asking it for quite a while now.  And, ever since people stopped simply covering up their imperfections with enough powder to make Scarface giddy, the answer to having clear skin has pretty much been down to facial creams and lotions.  But, not all skin types are the same, and some acne treatment creams just don’t work for some people.  So the new question that some unfortunate souls have to ask is, “How do I soothe allergic reactions to facial acne treatment?”


It should probably go without saying that if your face looks like a blowfish wearing blusher, you should probably seek medical attention, quickly.  However, treatments for minor reactions are available at home.  But, before we delve into the reaction, let’s take a quick look at the cause.  Allergic reactions are not necessarily caused by the creams or lotions themselves, but are often caused by the preservatives and scents added to them.  So, now that we have got that out of the way, here are five steps towards soothing your allergic reaction.


  1. If your skin is reacting unfavourably to any particular cream, it may already have soaked in. Still, wash your face with soap – nothing too intense – and rinse it with water. This will make sure that the remainder of the cream can’t further inflame the reaction.
  1. Once again, if your reaction is severe, you need professional attention. However, if you’re not in too much discomfort, just leave your skin completely bare for a while. This will allow your body’s natural defence mechanism to start clearing up the reaction.  Applying more creams at this point could make matters worse.
  1. If you have a rash that is causing discomfort, or the sensation of a swarm of fire-ants tap-dancing on your face, a damp facecloth might help with the itching. Water is quite a wonderful healer in itself, and the cool sensation should help alleviate the itching.
  1. Next, enlist the assistance of some hydrocortisone. An amount the size of a pea should do the trick. This will help counter the allergic reaction and stop the itching.  You can pick up some hydrocortisone at your local chemist.
  1. Finally, take an antihistamine. Yes, you heard right, the pill you take when your pets, or the dust and pollen from your garden, reduce you to sneezing fits. The allergic reaction that your face is having is exactly the same in nature, so the antihistamine will help counter it.


Discovering how to treat acne shouldn’t be an issue.  So, if you find your skin particularly sensitive to face creams, try to keep some hydrocortisone, some antihistamines, light soap, and your trusty facecloth on hand, and of course, BioSeal.  Armed with these tools, and the above plan of (counter-) attack, any allergic reactions to face creams in the future should be far less troubling.

Image credit: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-lotion.htm

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