How to Exfoliate

Some tips to help get your skin looking vibrant.

Proper skincare means applying the right products at the right times, but it is not all about what you put onto your skin. Healthy skin maintenance is also about what you take off. This is why it is such a good idea to exfoliate.

Your skin is constantly renewing itself, and getting rid of the old layers. However, sometimes the old skin cells aren’t shed, which leaves them sitting on the surface of your skin. This can inhibit moisturisers from properly penetrating your skin, and can lead to clogged pores. So, to avoid this, you should get hold of the best exfoliating products and engage in a proper exfoliation routine.

Here are some tips on how to properly exfoliate:

Best gadgets

Loofas are too abrasive and those nylon netting scrubbers are traps for bacteria. One of the best tools for exfoliation is your simple facecloth. Used in conjunction with some great exfoliation products, your facecloth will rid your skin of all unwanted skin cells.

Another useful tool is the brush – in particular, the soft brushes with the long, bamboo handles. These brushes are intended to be used dry, prior to your bath or shower, and help rid your skin of all excess dry flakes. Follow this with a wet scrub using exfoliating gloves (scrubbing in a smooth, circular motion) and your skin will be wonderfully clear.

The best way to exfoliate

While it is a treat to visit a spa, the treatments that you receive are often expensive and never as good as they could be. You can obtain better results at home using a dry brush and the best exfoliating products, for a fraction of the cost. Here is a great routine for weekly exfoliation:

• Rub your skin lightly with oil

• Using light, short strokes, brush your skin from toe to head with a dry bath brush

• Enter the shower and massage your exfoliation products into your skin using exfoliation gloves

• Rinse off and apply a body wash to clear your skin of excess residue

• Pat dry using a clean towel

• While your skin is still damp, gently coat it with moisturiser

Some precautions

Exfoliation products often contain granules which can damage your skin if used too often. This is why it is best to exfoliate one or two times per week, at most. Also, never use hot water to rinse off – use lukewarm water instead.

The morning is the perfect time to exfoliate because your skin regenerates while you sleep, meaning that there is an excess of dead skin cells when you wake up.

With these tips, and the best exfoliating products, you will have vibrant, healthy skin in no time.

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