BioSeal is a simple, natural solution for most skin ailments. In combines vitamins, herbal extracts, natural oils and emollients at a pH which suppresses both fungal and bacterial growth whilst feeding, moisturising and conditioning the skin. It does not contain specific actives but rather a synergistic activity of all the main herbal ingredients as indicated on the label.

How long has BioSeal been in existence?

BioSeal has been on the South African market since 2010

Where can I purchase BioSeal?

BioSeal is stocked by independent pharmacies and local retail outlets. BioSeal is a non-prescription, “shelf” product, yet registered as Complimentary Medicine with the Medicines Control Council.

Is BioSeal poisonous?

Not at all. It can be used on mouth blisters and inside the mouth.

How does BioSeal work?

BioSeal works through the synergy of herbal extracts, oils, vitamins and moisturisers to condition the skin, rendering it immune to harmful bacteria and fungi without destroying symbiotic flora.

Does it have side effects after the irritations clear?

It does not have any known side effects. It reconditions and repairs the skin naturally.

If it is so effective then why is it much more affordable than any other partial remedies?

It is affordable because it is based on a simple formula of natural ingredients.

Does BioSeal have any reputable certification in South Africa?

It is certified by MCC as a complementary medicine and is Nappy Code Registered.

Can BioSeal be used as an aftershave balm?

Yes and it is one of its everyday uses by men.

Does BioSeal heal skin cancer?

No, but it relives the symptoms by conditioning and moisturising the skin.

How does BioSeal work for someone suffering from bad odours?

It combines vitamins, herbal extracts, natural oils and emollients at a pH which suppresses both fungal and bacterial growth. The bacteria that would usually break down your sweat, which contains proteins thereby producing odours, switches over to feed on the nutrients in the cream, but no foul odours are produced.

For how long is one protected against body odours after applying BioSeal?

It could last for up to 24hrs, depending on your skin condition and type of odour. For certain types of odours, for instance onion or garlic, it is instantly and totally eliminated.

Can BioSeal reduce wrinkles?

As a powerful moisturiser and skin conditioner, BioSeal minimises the development of wrinkles.