Facial Skin Care Tips from the Stars

Some celebrities seem to have it all when it comes to their skin. No matter what age they are, they appear to have some secret facial skin care tips that the rest of us can never be privy to. But really, they’re only human just like the rest of us, so their beauty secrets are not black magic or trickery. If you’d like to know what secrets these celebs hold that makes them seem to never age, read on!

Demi Moore

Throughout the years, Demi Moore has had a reputation for being a flawless beauty.

facial skin care tips

Although she is now 52-years-old, she looks as youthful as ever.

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Image credits: http://fondoswall.blogspot.com/2012/03/demi-moore-i.html and http://celebmafia.com/demi-moore/

She attributes her skin’s appearance to moisturising regularly and using simple, unscented products.

Kirsten Dunst

This pale-faced beauty seems to just glow the older she gets. She treats her fair skin with the care that it deserves by keeping out of the sun and moisturising twice a day, although she washes once per day.

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Images credit: http://galleryhip.com/kirsten-dunst-young.html and http://www.westernjournalism.com/simple-comment-made-feminists-go-insane/#MVvGXRIqM07yoyBz.97

Over and above all of this, these celebrities also have an army of stylists and loads of money to spend on products. In addition, just about all of the images you see of them are photoshopped to make them look unnaturally flawless.

Angela Bassett

The queen of biographical films, Angela Bassett remains as beautiful as she always has at age 56. It’s not surprising that she says her secret is that she stays away from chemicals to keep her skin looking so youthful.

facial skin care Angela Bassett

facial skin care tips Angela Bassett

Images credit: http://imgkid.com/angela-bassett-young.shtml and http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/J25nV_dsAxw/2014+Film+Independent+Spirit+Awards+Arrivals/6d6Hl6xNai-/Angela+Bassett

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