Cosmetics that Cost

Some of the world’s most pricey beauty merchandise.

If we’re honest, we all get a little kick out of splurging on something completely decadent from time to time. It’s healthy for your self-esteem to slap your credit card down on the sales counter, all the while oozing nonchalance. That feeling even outweighs the thought of the panic attack you know you’ll have when your credit card bill arrives at the end of the month. Whether it’s scar removal or just beautification that you’re after, price does sometimes convey quality. So, considering the price tags on the following items, all we can say is that these products must work an absolute charm (and that’s being nonchalant).

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Kanebo Sensai Lipstick

At over R500, this lipstick must stay on for days. Aimed at women who consider themselves connoisseurs, Kanebo lipstick is another level of cosmetic. With the feeling of silk, and the finest hue of red imaginable, this lipstick actually cares for your lips as you wear it, which is how Kanebo justifies the price.

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Joy Perfume by Jean Patou

The Dennis the Menace live action movie featured a flower that only blooms for a moment every once in a long while, which is rather similar to the flowers used to make this perfume. Apparently Joy is made from flowers which only bloom for two weeks of the year in the private gardens of Patou. And, to make it even more exclusive, a single bottle requires over 10000 flowers for its production. It is, then, no wonder that a bottle costs around R15, 000.

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Crème de la Mer

Maybe this facial cream is so expensive because it is adored by celebrities, or maybe it’s adored by celebrities because it’s so expensive. Either way, it is both adored by celebrities and is ridiculously expensive. With its mysterious, trademarked formula, not much is known about this cream, other than the fact that a single jar costs nearly R20, 000.

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Black Diamond by Azature

You know that when makers of fine jewellery start releasing cosmetics, prices are bound to be high. However, the price of a single bottle of this nail polish is nothing short of staggering. Made from actual black diamonds, Azature asks R2, 500, 000 for a bottle.


Allow the tentative reiteration; you get what you pay for. But, what seems like a sensible budget for cosmetics differs from person to person. Still, it is with a sort of reverence that I dare say we can all appreciate the finer things in life, if not own them. In conclusion, it’s safe to say that we’re all thankful that BioSeal, a scar removal cream, doesn’t contain black diamonds and is still effective and affordable.

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